An old favourite of mine.


Between the three of us, my friend Jac, my boyfriend and I occasionally set each other a challenge. Similar to “Three” the theme for this piece, picked almost at random, was “Monster”. We had a fortnight to write our own pieces, any format, any tone, any voice. It was interesting to see how our ideas all differed. I really recommend finding some like-minded friends / victims and trying this out. 


Hello, my love.

It has been difficult, to find any books about you

Under Dewey Decimal 133.1,

Or thereabouts. I couldn’t find you,

Until at last, through mist, I wandered wider;

Wherever had you gone?

Although I looked around me in the woods

I had to listen, for your whereabouts.

Scratching, scratching at my back

With every hug.

The creak on a stair,

The crackle of your hair.

The bumps in the night.

In the absence…

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