Evening, Sandwich Bay


sandwich bay


Returning to the whispers of the tide,

Displacing sand and stones, I trundle down.

Silt scatters underfoot. The salty reeds

Thirst at my shins,


Scrape my bare legs. The air is vaster here,

I cannot say: it’s wider than a gasp,

Fresher than sky. At the indigo hour,

The cool expanse


Returns me with the whispers of the tide:

Displaced like sand and silt beneath my shins,

Scattered among the salt and thirsting reeds,

I trundle down.



I have very fond memories of Sandwich Bay, in Kent, from my childhood right up to the present day. I hoped to invoke, through rhythm and sibilance, the motion of descending the bank of shells and stones, pebbles and sand, to reach the widening shore at low tide one evening. 


One thought on “Evening, Sandwich Bay

  1. Dear James What lovely shared images and feelings about the Bay. We have lots of walks in our memory store especially those twilight ones out to the estuary. Evocative and visual. Great photo too. I may have a go at painting it? I have been trying to send you a medieval angel from Canterbury but he keeps flying back to me. I have too many email addresses for you. Please send me the most reliable one. Do you have our post code? We hardly ever need such things as we mainly use email, but it is CT3 2LW.

    Happy Easter to you both, from us both, Gran

    Sent from my iPad


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