Steal away with me. Flick those light-fingered

Thoughts my way, and use your sleight of hand:

Deftly smile and, like the best con-artists,

Win me over.


Steal me away. I’m a sucker for a rogue.

We’ve lingered round the forecourt for an age

Dodging CCTV, well-intentioned prigs

And the pigs,


And the people lugging plastic bags

Round Marks & Spencer never cared for us.

Sly and smoothly, take a sideways glance

And pick my pocket.


Steal a moment, for me: steal a chance.

While there’s still time to take, let’s waste no time.

As thick as thieves, make me your last offence:

A perfect crime.



Partially inspired by Morrissey lyrics. Naturally. 


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