Walls: A Nursery Rhyme




They built a wall to fortify

The Roman from the Scot.

Its crumbled ruins signify

That times have changed a lot.


In China they once built a wall

To keep the nomads back:

Now tourists from around the world

Can saunter down that track.


The state of Israel built a gate

That many have decried,

To keep another people’s fate

Across a false divide.


We build walls out of fear and dread,

To block things out, and hide,

And in so doing wall ourselves

From all the sun outside.


Build walls to keep out criminals,

Build walls to oust the poor.

Place cameras in the living room,

Barbed wire across your floor:


Enjoy this box, its cozy view

Of wall, and wall, and wall,

For one day soon, they’ll bury you

In the safest box of all.





2 thoughts on “Walls: A Nursery Rhyme

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Reminds me of Peter’s best. You could send it to the liberal press?? I feel it should be used and disseminated currently. There is a place for it. Thanks, Gran

    Ps may I send it to a couple of friends of mine. Please?

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Gran, thanks for the feedback, so glad you’ve been enjoying the last couple! By all means, sharing is caring. I enjoyed this one, coupling a simplistic style with my sheer frustration at international political wretchedness. Lots and lots of love xxx

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