“Empowerment” – Lincoln 2017



A photograph of my own amateurish hand. It’s the reflection in this little picture, more than anything else, which catches the eye. 


Our distance breaks no hold

Between us, dear one.


Like shadows sifting down

Under the alder,


Yours reaches mine. Each hand

Is deathless, darling:


Reflections reaching out

Over the water.





The second photograph is in the public domain, and with good reason, for it is much clearer.

Stephen Broadbent’s sculpture, Empowerment, stretches incompletely over the River Witham in my home city, Lincoln. I pass it every day on my way to work, as the sun rises on us all. Each morning, I leave my husband at home and travel in. And each morning I see the sculpture, and am reminded of a small, retiring city where I found so much: my first real job; wonderful friends, artists, musicians, poets, people who have changed my life; and my own soulmate, my husband; all reaching out for me. 





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