Farewell Note




It stems in part from knowing

We won’t be there, at our end.

It will happen to someone else, as

It has always happened before, to somebody else.


And though every day ends as we know it must

With a final, last, long look at an

Untraceable sun, we raise

One final glass, do we not? One deep, final,

Fierce farewell to our friends;

But at the end of every night of your life,

As you leant over to close the door behind you,

You always said goodbye to your friends.


You signed up for nonexistence, babe.

Just as the final last laugh is

That snappy sign-off,

Your “That’s all, folks,”

As the credits roll,

A wink as the circle closes inwards:


The final punchline at the end

Of the contract is

The dotted line, the very final line

With your signature still wet.



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