For Mother. I gave the best eulogy I could muster: the best I could strain to speak. 



As I take to the altar, look out

On all the faces who smiled for you, once.

The grief in my throat is

Knot-tight. I am barely

Gulping these words.

The scribbled paper rattles in my hands.

I’ve drank a glass full of dry air,

Cannot ease this constriction: it’s sunk

Down to where the stomach also

Holds its doubts and guards them

Jealously. Mother,

Brief though this stumbling is,

I am sorry I cannot give you

This eulogy entire, speak it out. I can only



One thought on “Choke

  1. Dear James, this is a very movingg, from the heart poem. Thankyou for sending and sharing it. Much love from us both, Gran

    Sent from my iPad


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