Half Rhymes to my Nemesis


sherlock nemesis.jpg


The basis of all lasting loves is, of course,

The sense of danger.


I place my piece on the checkered board,

You cast your wager;


Keep me on my toes, poised in position

For a moment’s threat,


Held tight in the throes of anticipation,

A grasping breath.


And so, I treat you as my one

Nemesis; and like all true


Nemeses, I dedicate my soul,

My waking life to you.


Sparring partner, my opponent.

I stake my claim,


For all I am, every waking moment

In our lovers’ game.


I second-guess you, test my chances

As a doubter


Too wary not throw spilt salt behind

His own left shoulder;


A grown man who still dare not glance

In a darkened room,


Held by your menace, there; thrilled by

Your next move.



For Blair. Keep me on my toes. 

Art by “Hoo0”: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sherlock-Moriarty-293702850; http://hoo0.deviantart.com/


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