Geb and Nut: The Myth of Earth and Sky


Geb and Nut.jpg



The god of the earth, Geb, lay down

Under her. And she, so clear and beautiful,

The goddess of the sky, draped herself

Like silk upon him; for she, Nut, most


Azure and bright, did love him, so.

Their love was days and eons. Even though

They were two panes, two hemispheres,

They were as one in love, both wind and dust.


Every morning, she gave birth to the

Ferocious Ra, who shone like war,

Arched triumphantly between them; and at night,

Was devoured into darkness again.


One day Ra envied their adoration,

Their proximity, their infiniteness, their light;

And he raged. He pushed them apart

With steel wings, bright as fire or pain,


Denying their desire forever: only

Ever to touch, hand to hand, foot to foot,

By dawn or dusk. The lovers wept,

Rain descended: so dawn and dusk grew dark.


Now we, too, awake to be separated

By our jealous sun, kept like night and day

Apart from one another: only to touch

By our hands and feet, a love crepuscular,


Tangential to our different lives. We meet

At a purple hour, bruise-coloured sky

And shadowed earth. But our fingertips,

At least, are reminded each to each;


As though across a window pane, our fingers

Press together. I can see you, Geb.

We will lie side by side: but until then,

Our extremities on a faint horizon, touch.




2 thoughts on “Geb and Nut: The Myth of Earth and Sky

  1. Lovely retelling of the myth in poetry. Very accomplished I thought. This and Scream should be published right away for all to read! X Gran

    Sent from my iPad


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