“But When”


For Blair. Inspired by and based on the two protagonists in Only Lovers Left Alive, played beautifully by Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. After decades of living, loving and enjoying life, supported by their supernatural longevity, the couple start to realise that their eternal life demands upon much, much more than a mortal life requires. It requires a capacity to suffer lethargy, grief and infuriating powerlessness in the face of change. Although, I suppose the same applies to loves even between such as you and I. 



Our lives survive the seconds, hours, and days,

Outliving these. But we cannot face the years.

The longevity of ours by far repays

Our fatal fears,


And youth, like all young things, will soon betray us

And run to fairer friends. At last, alone,

We’ll age in grace, or comforts, in the layers

Of wants unknown


And we are given what we wish: what we have beckoned

Creeps upon us. But when must midnight chime?

Unveil the hour when we shall share that second:

Reveal the time.




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