One brief tense instance


stops everything, while everything runs on without us

still; it clings to the air as the bell rings out, over

and over, the sound gathers itself a growing

headache, you feel it in your teeth,

between your teeth stuck there tight as a fist

biting hard on itself nails right in there fast,

in the bones too, the pulse, so that as it tenses

it impacts between the gums, entirely clenched so that



Another poem which was given to me as a brief challenge, just to capture “one instant in time” – see also “As though it never happened,” at this link:

The moment in question is the instant that, whatever else is happening, whoever is trying to gain your attention, whatever it is you are doing and wherever you are: you cannot be distracted from it. Some trigger, something exquisitely painful – a stubbed toe, an itchy nose, a sneeze that is just building up – or something which requires entire sensory devotion, takes over. You lose autonomy. You become fixated by it. It may only last a second, but that’s all cognition, gone.  




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