Unlisted senses


We are told that the five, as a list, is

Simplistic. For in truth there are so

Many. Thermosensitivity,

Balance, pain: these three perhaps are more

Intrinsic to us than even sight.


On the second night alone

In that hotel, where everything was cleanly

Copy-pasted and the room was clean and quiet

And the whiskey I smuggled in was yet unopened,

The queen-sized yawned around me, white as nothing.

Laundered linen was all I felt and saw and smelt

Or heard, or even tasted in the air,

Dry to the touch, inoffensive and uncompromising.

Thermosensitivity, balance, pain.

There are so many senses, still, and

I discovered then that distance

May well be the most potent of these.


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