Would a second EU referendum be undemocratic?

For those of you following the EU / Brexit saga, this is a concise post about the constitutional issues regarding the rumoured “Second Referendum.” Well worth a read.

UK Human Rights Blog

It is only four days since the UK public narrowly voted to leave the European Union. A lot of people are now arguing for a second referendum. But would that be democratic? 

Like many people who voted to remain, I have been feeling down about the result. My social media feeds have been full of many of the states of grief, but mostly anger and denial. It is denial which, I think, is motiving the calls for a second referendum. I am therefore wary, as someone who would love for this all magically to go away, of the allure of those arguments. But, we are in uncharted waters. Millions are calling for a second referendum on the original question, and now likely Conservative leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt has called for a second referendum to decide whether the country would accept an exit deal.

Hunt’s argument is enticing, at first glance anyway. He begins by saying…

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One thought on “Would a second EU referendum be undemocratic?

  1. Thanks James. Very useful. Been discussing this and other issues with our pals on the Hort Soc trip this week but little success in finding Out Voters who either listen or do other than repeat old statements which have already been discounted or dropped by their propagandists.

    It was ever thus

    Love from us both, Gran

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