More Etymologies


As some of you may have gathered, I am fascinated by the history of words. Each noun, verb and adjective we use on a daily basis has its own story, its own reasons for being, its own secret purposes. Here, I have gathered another lexicon of some of my favourite words, and provided a fantasy etymology for each of them based on my own love of that word, its usage and sounds. 



Abate – from German “Baden,” to leave to soak.


Adopt – from “Adore,” itself derived from the Fr. “D’Or,” gold.


Climate – found upon an ascent. See also “Climb.”


Deft – unlike a newt. See “Eft.” Dry of limb.


Demonstrate – to remove the monster from; to make tangible. See “Monster.”


Devastate – to make a person, somehow, smaller.


Educate – from “Ducal”; to make into a nobleman.


Emergency – a revelation, an unexpected path. See “Emerge,” rise again.


Etymology – to appreciate the development of butterflies. See “Entomology.”


Facetious – from “Facile.” See also “Fallacy.”


Feline – charmingly devious, from “Felon.”


Flirt – to float clumsily. Of uncertain origin.


Floral – flowing, rolling; rejoicing naturally.


Fountain – confusion of “Phantom” and also “Fantasy.”


Ignite – from Agni, the Hindu goddess of fire.


Inform – to place into structure; and so, to inspire.


Iridescence – a quality not to be removed. From “Ir,” privative, “Rid,” to remove, and “Essence.”


Lustre – love-inducing quality, irresistibility. See “Lust,” and also “Glistens.”


Poetry – to put into place. From “Pose.”


Precious – from “Pre,” and “Us,” before all else.


Retail – going around in circles. See “Re,” again, and “Tail.”


Reveal – to cloak again in the same gesture. See “Veil.”


Scribble – from German, “Schreiben.” See also “Subtle” and “Semblance.”


Sumptuous – elision of “a summer’s touch.”


Value – of a person, to find valour in them.


Wonder – from “Wind.” See also “Wander” and “Wend.”



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