Define Paradise



For some, Hell is other people: for others, Hell

Awaits for me. Perhaps in all I do

You see aberrance. I hope I wear it well,

And spare it from you.


We keep our dreams of heavens. Keep yours true,

Live for your hope, I pray, your truth divine.

Tell me of your paradise, by all means, too:

But let me keep mine.



It seems as though, in the wake of the recent horrors in Orlando, many voices are competing to declare their own divine truth. Some are defending the absolutist right to bear arms in the US Constitution; some are even lauding the murders as an act of just religious retribution. If these are the paths to paradise, it does not surprise me that so many gladly wander from them. 

I do not intend to make absolutist statements online, recorded forever, on the subject. I will only say, very narrowly in scope, that the borders of any absolute paradise definitionally end where a hell begins. So do not glorify your perfect truth, planting your flag proudly on the bodies of other people, and cite the divine. 



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