“Jazzman,” Carole King


And the next “Song you might massacre people to in a film” is….



Such a beautiful song. Such a joyous, honest, playful, loving song. Tapestry is deservedly one of the most successful and popular chart albums of all time, and Jazzman is suitably one if its best-known and dearest masterpieces.

What if in the dark of the abattoir, the antihero places a noose around the victim’s neck and hoists them higher and higher, as Carole sings: “Lift me, won’t you lift me? Above the old routine?”

What if the perpetrator falls to his knees, in near-religious wonder and pity, and praises his dangling handiwork: “He can cry like a fallen angel, when the risin’ time is near…”

I mean, pay attention to those lyrics. They’re not just sunshiny happy times. They’re capable of poignant sadness. The song is already a potent dichotomy of major, uplifting melodies, and the blues.

Just apply this to the abattoir. Instant Academy nomination.


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