I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Frank Sinatra



Quite outside of a straightforward Silence of the Lambs Jame Gumb application, it would be so satisfying to make reference to a song so latent with visceral meaning. So yeah, you could use this “massacre song” for the flaying sequence, or the leatherwork montage or even the little creepy fashion show part of it all. The contrast of a classy Ol’ Blue Eyes number and a very un-classy onscreen activity would be delightful.

But really, any scene involving tenderness, passion or obsession would suit this song. Whether it’s a love scene which gradually and ferociously goes wrong, or a low-budget underground photoshoot which ends up differently to what’s expected, it could work. Or again, a good, old-fashioned dental torture sequence (one of my favourites, I have no idea why).

Also because of its homely, gentlemanly charm it could be used to inspire a sense of the unheimlich, the uncanny. An avuncular figure, perhaps, leading a young lady in a low-lit waltz which goes smoothly and gently, until something awful and inevitable happens.

Personally though I like the idea of it being played during a scaphism. By one interpretation it suits the lyrics eerily well. Look it up, you’ll be amazed.


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