Trapped By A Thing Called Love, Denise LaSalle



There is something to be said for a delicious soul rhythm. Denise LaSalle’s Trapped by a Thing Called Love has an affectionate, smooth flow and a gently-sleazy brass accompaniment, and it’s a gorgeous song to dance to with your best beloved. This was evidenced in Only Lovers Left Alive where Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston have a cute little boogie to it. That’s right. Vampires. Even vampires couldn’t help but sway lovingly to this.

So, perhaps this would be playing in the aftermath of some blood-soaked murder, with a tender, dissonant embrace of two young lovers as they dance around their recent victim, treading over him without a care in the world as the record player spins on.

Or maybe, this is playing in the background while they cut up the body: the strangely domestic sight of them wearing rubber gloves over the bath, saw in hand, exchanging knowing glances and flicking gore at each other playfully like kids in a swimming pool.

At a push the actual murder could be taking place throughout, the hammer repeatedly cracking against the man’s skull as our anti-heroin holds his arms, dialogue and sound effects muted by the swaying rhythm. She wipes her brow with relief afterwards, only staining her forehead with blood. Her lover laughs. She laughs too.

Such a versatile number, really.



2 thoughts on “Trapped By A Thing Called Love, Denise LaSalle

  1. This is one my favorite soul songs! I guess even a vampire, zombie or the world’s worst sociopath can enjoy a fierce soul groove. LOL . Very interesting post 🙂

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