Life on Mars?




A strong first choice. This number has already had its fingerprints all over pop culture, and indeed itself was by many accounts a shameless (but thankful) palimpsest of a Frank Sinatra number. It’s a classic. So it’s fair game to say that this single really does deserve pride of place for your chosen film massacre. Well done.

The question I suppose is, does one make it a gaudy show tune for the vanity of the individual tyrant – as Jessica Lange’s character in American Horror Story must, for her vaudevillian cover version – or should one instead actually beat up the wrong guy to this number? Really do him in. Yeah. Why not.

I personally envisage my anti-hero, descending from a chandelier, rapier in hand, devastating an undeserving audience of theatre-goers: swinging pendulously to the rhythm of the chaotic piano chords, bloodlust in his eyes.

I’d quite like a film to end with this, really.

And no, reader: I haven’t stopped mourning his passing, and fear I never will.



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