Fooled Around and Fell In Love



Your next “Song with which to be discovered after or committing a massacre in a film” is this little beauty. Now, in Guardians of the Galaxy they did not use this as background music to catastrophic loss of human life. This we concede. But they should have. Imagine the fun you could have with this one.

The film would possibly feature our lead, a meek arts student who, after a certain amount of unsuccessful encounters with awful people, discovers the love of her life (who is subsequently kidnapped for “reasons”). Much later on our specific scene involves our protagonist, after a particular tryst or conflict, rediscovering her love for her companion – whether male or female, I simply do not care – and realising very suddenly, and very clearly, that it is not just love that has led her to this moment. It is also a powerful hatred of every person who has fooled her around or undermined her, or taken advantage of her, or irked her in any way, or kidnapped her companion.

So, she puts on her headphones, draws out her ruler and sharpest pencils and makes an assault on the kidnappers’ (whoever they are) hideout to rescue her love. Many people are ruled-through, compassed or easeled to death.

I mean, it’s one way of enjoying this song, I suppose.

I’d also quite like a bloodlusty couple, after having devoured an unwanted third wheel on a date, to waltz to this by candlelight in consummation of their awful and cannibalistic love. That would also be quite sweet.

Any further suggestions welcome.


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