The Future Brings


Blair and James October 2013


You brought the news: and from your bag

Withdrew your purse, and counted out

The doubts, the change, the empties.

Fingers rolled the butt-ends, pensive

Of what once gave them fire.

When there’s nothing to go around, you share it out,

And share glances too.

You brought tears, captured not unlovingly,

Brought dice and tarot cards bundled

In silk and knotted tight like a stomach.

You brought a downcast kiss. You brought

Some “unused holiday-back” from work in a pouch

Of Amber Leaf and helped me roll

A rod for myself.


These gifts, we share them too. But keep

On bringing me your satchel of more ordinary,

Overlooked oddments: for you bring me

White-grey mornings, fresh; and ruby dusks.

You bring a roll-out home wherever I go

To rest with you. You bring me cups

Of warmth, vials of touch, mugs of hugs;

Armfuls of affection, and yes, a headful

Of dizzy delight. You bring me sleep,

Bracelets of held hands,

Necklaces of kisses. You bring me

Silver, moonlit somethings. So please,

If all else fails and nothing else can do

Bring this, your sweet self, to me.



For Blair. Keep your beautiful, wonderful, precious head high. I look forward to sharing everything and nothing with you, still, from here on in. 


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