I hope I know where I’m going


lost in trees pic


I hope I know where I’m going. Through erring trees

The path did not diverge, spread in a fork

Of golden ways: but petered out, left leaves

Scattered, became mere earth. Inferring dark

From darkness, I decided – if one can

Decide with feet alone – to turn the path

Around, clamber my own way past the barren

Briars and doubts. Direction became myth.

But now I thought, though no road was forthcoming

Some light fell through those erring trees. And so

My footfalls gained this moonlight: where I’m going

I hope I know… I think that’s how I’ll go.



When one’s circumstances change it can feel very much as though the path ahead hasn’t swerved or deviated: it has just ceased, become an indistinct trail of leaves and mud. 




4 thoughts on “I hope I know where I’m going

  1. This is filled with so much emotion and imagery that I can relate and it describes how I am feeling at this moment! Really beautiful!

    • Thank you: it’s inspired by Robert Frost, but unlike his wood mine has run out of clear paths. I’ll find my way: and I hope you find your way, too.

      • Yes I did think it was pretty similar to his poems! But it is also unique in a certain way! Thank you! I do write a lot of poems on hope and waiting and longing too…

  2. Dear James, another good one you latch onto, identify and explore common experience and share it more succinctly than common thoughts often can. Thanks! Gran

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