Rose-Print Sheets


Abed with bruise-lipped roses, we felt a quilt

Of orchids: and desires dreamt with me.

Soft sheets to fall through, memories to melt



I play to dress your lips with fine rosewater,

Anoint thine eyes with starlights til the dawn,

Midsummer Night’s lotion, careless of no other

Blessing shown:


Your hungering potion, kiss of lover’s wine,

Craze-rending taste of rich earth’s luxury.

Forest’s boy, share this rose bed, tear wide



Let’s snare ourselves to grasping vines, before

The silence chills our breaths: while there remains

Shadow in their branches, while there’s air

For moonlight, and for us.


For Blair. Fairy forest prince. Jester and trickster. Moon-blessed creature. 



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