Rock – 2010

This poem was written at the end of my time at university. That does mean it’s practically adolescent, but I thought that, seeing as I am now married after all, it is quite interesting how very few years have changed my perspectives a very great deal. 

Clear cold heart of you, most careless diamond,

hard, unbeating and unbeaten heart,

fire in ice, the skies in stone preserved,

sharp as only words are,

unresisting weight, indifferent,

reflection of a thousand gleaming lies.

Most prized grain of earth, feeding no-one,

mere conductor of light,

beyond all value, and so valueless;

soot made pure, pearls made from extinction,

a perfect thing from such disaster, just

carbon in definition,

plaything on the ring finger of mine:

by ways husband, translucent, pure fiction.

I did say it was adolescent. Oh, the folly of youth. 


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