Labyrinth of the Faun


In the original, “The labyrinth of the faun,”

The daughter is asked, before the Revolution

Takes her, why she carries so many books.

She does not answer, not in words alone.


There once lived a princess, who delighted in

The world without pain or death, deep underground

Where the sounds never wake us. But she read

Of the paradise above, its wide, cool skies,

Its wind-like music, and its beautiful suffering.

She dreamt of the life, which turns bright in autumn sun.

So she closed her book and, holding her breath so tight

Not a trace of her remained, she fled her palace;

The King was too late, to keep her from her flight;

And the sunlight soon did take her breath away

To leave her, not belonging, in a stranger kingdom.


The books she takes with her, now, are but memories

Of fairy tales. And so she carries them.


Inspired, of course, by the exquisite Pan’s Labyrinth. 


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