tragic sunset pic

Through life, questioning it: to validate
The invalid position in which we eke.
Something’s got to give: and sometimes it’s you.

In its death-throes, the sun silently raging out,
Eyes half-closed, no distance left to go;
Furious with its own weakness, bleeding out.

Death is the authentic panacea:
but the stars, they too like Gods grow envious,
and by the evening, even Death grows weak.

There must be more: there must be more for me,
Or else why would I hunger for it, so?


2 thoughts on “Linger

  1. Dear James

    Thanks for the poems. They make me think, sometimes struggle, for meanings. Then it gets clear. I like this time spent with a poem, to think it out. It’s a different sort of reading. Thanks! Love from Gran

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