This Side of Closer



Back when you were a fascinating stranger,

Your lips, the way you held your head;

Your hesitating voice was lost on me.

I have learnt this mannerism, by now, but still

It thrills me just to see you speak to me.

These sights I’ve seen and dwelt in: however so,

The more I’ve seen the less I’ve felt that hold,

Not without love but less in fascination.

It’s held so close that somehow, you forgot.

I’m held, but not beholden: it’s funny, no?

Perhaps I’m just imagining that loss,

And being lost on you: I fear it, though.

I fear this is the second side of closer,

The lowered defence that welcomes, in its way,

By holding no resistance: and holding not.



One thought on “This Side of Closer

  1. I have enjoyed all 6 of these poems. Amazing to read as they all have your voice, and I can hear the poet and visualise the situation and go along with the thinking, the inspiration, and yet they are all so individual, fresh, sharing new insights and experiences. Very exciting to read. Many many thanks, Gran

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