Boys will be…


Do you remember, how we were boys? Not even

Three months ago, I’m sure we were only lads:

Drunk as lords and pissed as paupers, us.

At the pub, you held my hand in the darling fire

To prick me awake: you held my hand so close,

Just daring me to feel that flesh again.

That night we walked on brick walls by alleyways

Like trapeze-teasers, dancing with our deaths

(Or perhaps grazed knees, in truly boyish style).

Do you remember, having sod all to do?

Aware incuriosity will kill you,

That risk is all? The tightrope-dancing, home,

You right ahead of me, daring us to rush and

Shouting at the stars, “There is no God, I say!

I do not believe in someone else’s Heaven!”

Then walking home, boyish, under them – unaware

Of the benevolent, answerless silence above us.


One thought on “Boys will be…

  1. Oh what a vivid nostalgic poem, I can feel the night air and hear the memorable phrases. This is good! X

    Sent from my iPad


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