Medicated Nation

This is important. If it seems a little personal, or a little too miserable; if it makes you want to shy away or ignore it: that itself is half of the problem. This is happening, to more people than perhaps you would expect. Don’t turn away.

Awkward Silence

Hello all,

It’s been a while since I last posted in July; many things have happened since and I have been caught up in a veritable maelstrom of Very Important Things such as moving house, finding a new job and running in about 6 different directions at once, trying to get everything sorted. One development of the last few months is that I have become far more involved with the Lincolnshire branch of the Socialist Party and have been regularly attending meetings and various other events. All I can say is that it’s been such an inspiration to get to know such a bunch of wonderful and dedicated people. It’s great to know that there are groups of people committed to standing up to our government and fighting against austerity, amongst other issues. I would urge any of you to join us; it’s a positive way of harnessing some of…

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