Is the sky half-full, you think; or maybe, half-empty?

See clouded colours, distance in your eyes

Looking out from the hillside, as though staring

Out over water. Like all secrets, yours

Turns glass to the touch: cool, brittle, and fine

As silver. I dare not glance my reckless mind

Over its surface: instead, I too look out,

Notice the moths delight in indecision,

Watch the light take its silence to its grave;

Keeping this secret with you, feeling that

Reticence is precious. But tell me, truly:

Is this sky of ours half-full, or wide, half-empty?




One thought on “Silences

  1. Dear James

    This poem really reaches me, I can see it, imagine almost I am the narrator, feel the beauty. A haunting poem,casually written but expressing intensity of emotion. Thanks. Gran

    Sent from my iPad


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