Down and Out in Corby and Lincoln (or How to Survive the Next Five Years)

A wonderful, thoughtful and heartfelt post from a good friend. Listen well.

Awkward Silence

I will state this from the beginning: socialism runs through me like lettering in a stick of seaside rock. It is hardwired. I have always been left leaning, hailing from a town whose industry was built on steel. My maternal grandfather, who sadly passed away before I was born, was a safety officer at Stewart and Lloyd’s steelworks in Corby and a union representative. I remember my gran showing me his union badges when I was very small and her explanation that grandpa had stood up and fought for his fellow workers resonated with me even then. It seemed an incredibly admirable thing to do. During that period, my hometown was relatively prosperous. Things were about to change.

When the bottom fell out of the steel industry in Corby during the late ’80s, the economy all but collapsed. In the 1990s, the town was dying. With few jobs to be…

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