Image of the artist


As you get to work, I see you better:

Dark eyes trained to the lines, your fingertips

Following to form. Your neck tilts, dips

Like a bird over water; yearning closer to

Your image. A fringe of dreamy waves

Sweeps your face, caresses its own fine

And extempore design, as the pencil guides

Your hand to trace the beauty of it. Gentle,

Curves in motion, detail in the touch:

Shoulders lean, head drifts closer, as if

Impatient to devour that final sight,

Your true anatomy is drawn to relief,

The urge for beauty, the delight in colour.

Yes: as you lean close, I see you better.



For Blair. When I see you designing costumes, depicting characters, imagining worlds or just playfully doodling, it pleases me. I love to see you delighting in art. It is beauty, pursuing beauty. 


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