“Spoken Word Night”


When I said, I was too tired to go,

I thought that you of all would truly

Know. But out you went. Keys

Churned the door tight. You left

To a reasonable night, and I

Bereft of reason, turning inward, sat.


Make an excuse. Say your lover

Is under arrest: that he has confessed

To treason and theft, has been detained

Under order of court. Say that I

Have spurned the sun, gone troglodyte:

Have gone deranged, half-drowned in port;

Or instead, that I have drowned in molasses,

Or a rather enormous water feature,

Or have been shanghaied; that seagulls roam


About my head, have flown the cage,

Whatever gets you back, tonight:

That your mother has found her lost, estranged

Piano teacher. Whatever passes

For any excuse, to come back home.



I actually had a great night in while he went to the poetry reading. I finally penned five drafts and learnt ‘Mary’ by Scissor Sisters on the piano. But the sentiment largely holds true. 



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