Song for Blair


When I see you, wild as a knife,

As sharp as my wife, I can’t wit that wise:

The turns your words, the spurn like curses

Makes me want to lyricise.


If I hear you, as laugh as a smile,

As grin as a mile, I can’t glee that wide:

The how you chuckle, now me buckle,

Knees go knocking side by side;


The chance I see you, as dance as a girl

As whirling in a world of a fancy-free,

It makes me laugh my love out loud

To hear you fear I’d let you leave.


And should I hear you hold that breath inside,

And whisper words of woe

I’ll run, the one to feel there by your side

And never forever let you go.


When I glimpse you, you glints like a charm,

You twisty my arm – you so minty, yum

But if you should leave me arms to receive, we

Will never ever see you fall to harm.


You’ll never behold the brrrrr of the cold,

The feeling quite old or the hold of the night:

So long as you say that “So long as I stay,”

I’ll say to you baby, “The stars shine bright”:


They shine just for us, only us, and even just so

They couldn’t hold a candle

To your mantle, so give me your hand and I’ll show

That I’ll never forever, not ever, just never, let you go.


For you, darling.


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