Motivational Training


A post of a muscle-bound trainer, which said

“Go show me your dream, and don’t hide it away.”

Suggesting that keeping my dreams in my head

Instead of my body is somehow to stray.


I get it. Your dream is to somehow resemble

Your vision of envy: how you yearn to be.

But my dreams won’t flex, and they will not assemble:

They play out like dreams, which is perfect for me.


I’ll write them, or speak them: though it seems that they sulk,

It’s not that they’re feeble, or desperate to hide:

They’re happier here. So keep yours on your bulk.

My dreams will just “work out” their wonders, inside.



I understand: you lift. I do other things. My dreams are plural, and yours are corporeal. The “gains” I make are quite different to yours. Now put some clothes on. 


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