End of an Affair


It has been sweet: and nothing is so sweet

As sorrow. So I shall dwell in yearning, now,

And tomorrow, every day; without regret.


I know that I will fail to sleep, alone:

Re-enacting in my mind, those self-same motions

Clinging in my very hands what we have done.


I will itch for us. I will twitch and heave my chest,

Indulge in pain, lose patience at the thought

Of the next five seconds, and the next, and the next.


So one long, last goodbye. I hold you now

As I always held you, tenderly, and bring my lips

Into your breath, your touch; and even so


I hope it’s over. Let it linger, yet:

As I let the lights die out, now and forever,

The last life of my final cigarette.



“This time I mean it.” And I meant it, every time before now, too. 


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