PURGE: A Retrospective.

My friend, musician Dan Svarc – or Svan Darc as he occasionally is known – has written a brief retrospective of his ‘Purge’ oeuvre. Take a look and a listen.


Nine years ago, I didn’t make electronic music. The instrumentation and arrangements I was comfortable with were firmly from within a rock background. It had always been a passing interest, from back when my brother bought me a copy of The Chemical Brothers “Dig Your Own Hole” for my thirteenth birthday and in those formative years, the opportunity to discover how it was they made those sounds and bring it to fruition evaded me. It wasn’t until I discovered a program called fruity loops around 2005/06 I began to understand and experiment with a more software based approach, that laid the groundwork to how I now approach production and treat sound as a whole.

That’s not to say it was perfect, Svan Darc was born out a binary, the idea of real music, real instrumentation and it’s counterpoint, the virtual instrument, the studio inside the box. My first attempts were…

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