I won’t pray for a chance: I will not pray

For one good arrow, mine to grace the bow

And tenderly pull back; not mine to loose

Like wildfire in the air, as it dances

Past the winds, below clouds, further still,

Passing the target like a distant landmark.

I will not pray, for one spearhead alone.

Give me – give us – the chance of chances, yet:

The hope for change, the freedom, so

We can surpass the target as it stands

(Alone in the field – a target has no friends);

So we might willingly, and with delight

Volley ourselves as flocks of evening birds

Dancing out of sight, escaping free

Across the sky, retrying, infinite.


Another monthly challenge piece, this time a poem from May’s theme, ‘Possibilities.’ Do check out Glamourgeist to see what Blair’s up to:


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