Please pronounce the typo properly or it won’t make sense


The Plmonskwaq awoke, and she was angry:

As you would be too, with a name like hers.

But the Plmonskwaq sneezed and found that she

Was a Plaqskwmon. Which is even worse.


She frenzied and furied and jumbled about

To a Smonwplaqk, and she ran amok.

And this is why you should never get out

Of the wrong side of bed with a Plmonskwaq.



A little light nonsense poetry for a Saturday morning. Stops you feeling quite so old. I’ve been a big fan of nonsense most of my life – Python, Spike Milligan, Edward Lear, and so on. I think after the fuss and seriousness of a UK General Election a spot of silliness is always welcome.  


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