Musical Writer and Director, Edward Greenwood speaks to Theatrefullstop about Aadapting Tommy Wiseau’s, The Room for the stage!

My preposterously talented brother has recently created, written, directed and generally thought up a work of genius: a parody musical. See the interview here.


Musical Writer and Director, Edward Greenwood’s adaptation of cult film, The Room for the stage.

We all love a good cult movie- as is proof from the hundreds of midnight screenings for films such as Trolls 2 and Rocky Horror Picture Show over the decades. Taking to the stage are two new adaptations ofsome of the world’s most loved cult films- Shock Treatment, Richard O’ Brien’s “parallel reality” film based on characters from Rocky Horror, and “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”, The Room by Tommy Wiseau. Theatrefullstop talked to the adapters behind these smash cult successes, Tom Crowley and Edward Greenwood.

A lot of people will recognise The Room The Musical as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. What drew you to adapting the film for stage.

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