Svan Darc – Purge EP

An honest and insightful review of my genius friend Dan Svarc’s EP, ‘Purge.’ It’s well worth a listen – download it for the full experience. It’s exciting stuff. Also, look out for my own vocals, sampled and imprisoned forever in Purge 3. Pleasure to be part of the project.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Svan Darc
Title: Purge EP
keywords: electronic, gothic, noise, ambient, soundscape, Lincoln

Honest reviews are a rare kind, but when you find them; they will be here and written in all honesty. Honesty is what we are all about, and when a request comes in for a honest review, it is basically just a task like every other.

Yeah! Yeah!

Today we had such a request.. When going for the provided link my honest opinion first noticed the cover of the release.. This kind of picture is a popular one among underground releases, I can’t point fingers to all the artists that used a similar picture like this before, but there should be a couple in our database. However this might be the first time to see this image in black and white, which just might save the day for lethal honest opinion. So skipping the artwork, it’s down to…

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