As I am today, so you will be tomorrow


As i am today pic


Yours are moments of the now,

Sights of a golden sun,

Songbird shadows flashing through

A May that’s just begun,

Sewn with summer’s promise to

A splendour of your own.

Mine are memories of the hour,

Of earth and mist as one,

Shadows borne on your tomorrow,

Both forged in ash and bone.

Your sunbird summer will be ours

When at last our dance is done.


In my hometown church in Newark-on-Trent, the church has hidden in one of its sepulchres an image of a danse macabre. The image, as above, is of a rich young prince, confronted with a contrary, meagre image of Death. It is given an epithet very popular in Middle Age artwork of this genre: As I am today, so you will be tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “As I am today, so you will be tomorrow

  1. We both love this poem. I have read it aloud to Gdad and it sounds wonderful. Glorious! And I think very accepting, as life has ben good. Much love from us both, Gran

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    • Thank you! I have to say, the mood and rhythm were greatly inspired by a poem by Adelaide Anne Procter, Voices of the Past:

      “Oh, these are Voices of the Past,
      Links of a broken chain,
      Wings that can bear me back to Times
      Which cannot come again–
      Yet God forbid that I should lose
      The echoes that remain”

      Oddly these words are carved under the stairs of Willie Lott’s house in Flatford, the cottage central to John Constable’s The Haywain. Our school visited there when I was young. It was a daunting thing to find under the staircase, I tell you.

      Lots of love. xxx

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