I know it’s hard: but imagine, if you can,

A world without you. Think of my landscape

As it was for countless years before you came,

Valleys carved by the care and fine attention

Of millennia of accident. With no help

From you, a source of water happened: utter

Serendipity, in motion, washed

My face and praised my fierce, proud body

Right down to the seas. There was life before you,

Wild and terrible things, beautiful, savage

Honest death; creatures in paradise;

And though you fancy yourself unique, I’ve buried

Stranger things than you. So you see, although

You thought you had a pretty sweet deal here

And that I’d let you ride me raw, young man,

It pains me greatly to have to break it to you:

A thousand years from now, when all that’s left’s

A cache of five hundred pictures you took of yourself,

Cave art, if you will; when those quaint daubs

Of your face are your last mark, I tell you, babe,

No-one’s going to see them, and want you back.



Partially inspired by my pagan friends and their faith in that the Earth will outlive man, despite ourselves; and partially inspired by the different but analogous philosophy, that even in the toughest break-up, you can’t let any man invalidate you. I think we’ve all had moments where we feel like our identity or our individuality is being challenged. It can be particularly bad in some relationships. Well, I say, bury the caveman. It’s his loss, his own stupid, neolithic fault, and nobody’s going to miss him. 


One thought on “Caveman

  1. Thanks James, so many words and ideas come in my mind as I read this poem I would dearly like the opportunity to share this poem with you, or in a group. It brings out my ancient caveman teaching self where the space would be a cave for exploration. Ah well, love from Gran

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