Your Morning’s Peace


Quiet, calmed, and gently roseate

The dawn wakes with you, takes you in its hold;

And, like my own arms, keeps you tended yet

From the breaking cold.


The light, it too is felt across that fine

And sleepy skin. It slumbers just as deep,

And casts its glow upon you, to enshrine

The form you keep.


Await a while; please, dream a while before

You see my seeing you: in this brief lease

Of morning light; this chance I might adore

Your morning’s peace.


For Blair. You are one of those people, those few, blessed people, whose faces even when asleep carry such beauty and slumbering dignity that it shames the rest of us. I adore you even when you are unconscious. And you’re not so unbearable when you’re awake, either. 


One thought on “Your Morning’s Peace

  1. Dear James, sounds lovely, feels peaceful, sends beautiful, tender images, in a few words which say so much. Love from Gran

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