Sunset at Liquorice Park, from the Viewing Platform


From the mound of stones, we sat across the view

Of an entire world on the brink of its last evening.

You observed the city, and what it meant to you:

Already, there were trails of road lights – drawing

A dot-to-dot from here to eternity,

Winking lights which, as they carried on,

And further still, suggested an horizon

Which had only recently become the shape of nuance,

Too distant to be real. Even the sky was cold:

The afterglow of light was now in colour

Only, a spectrum complete in heaven’s tiers

Like iridescence, turned devotional:

Pain-red, cold umber, greens which melted bright,

Up to impossible blue, slumbering above.

All this would soon be night. And having said

Exactly all between us to have said,

We staggered up from the heap of stones we sat upon

And, pulling coats together, walked on to night.



One thought on “Sunset at Liquorice Park, from the Viewing Platform

  1. Dear James Gerald and I have just read and enjoyed this poem. Like the use of the words and has a nice feel about it, says G. I can see it so vividly as I read it, and link in to the feelings which are delicately understated and therefore available to the reader. Where could Liquorice Park be? Really beautiful poetry. Thanks. G

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