Reflections in Frost


Each icy surface scintillating, so

The eyes cannot take in the vertices

As the first frost glances across the sun’s direction.


This is the fresh start blessed for us

Promised upon every rooftop, pavement, window,

The glistering paths, leading to one reflection.


Tiny, brief poem. Fresh starts and bright thoughts for the New Year. Let’s make it a good’un. 


3 thoughts on “Reflections in Frost

  1. Happy New Year to you both. What a sparkly start to the year! Thank you. I am waging war, fighting tooth and nail and Warfarin with a rat(s) in the barn. Samuel Whiskers? There may be a poem in it somewhere? Beatrix Potter found a book. On the radio last night I heard a poet from the Carribean saying that for him poetry is verbal photography. He is also a Dlplomat for St Kitts. He was on Midweek.

    Gerald making a little progress every day. At least he’s eating and reading voraciously. Much love from us both, Gran.

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  2. I walk on SandwIch Bay when I can and every time I am caught amazed by the lines and lines of colour and patterns and movement. I go to Sandwich now as it’s nearer and I love it because every minute the light and tide change and everywhere is new. Gran

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