Moments of love, eternity


The heart aches; and this body’s grey.
Sometimes, life seems to cut its lease
Of time. And yet I find from your brief day
An evening-coloured peace.


Please shine, dear light: please share with me
This passing brightness, heart of fire.
Moments of love, eternity:
Without, all life’s the longest hour.


Dedicated to Blair, as ever, with all my heart. I first wrote this in a text to him on a whim, when I should really have been working like a good boy, on 10th March 2014. I only found it again by trawling through my files. I nearly lost it. Funnily enough, looking back to that time, i can genuinely say that the year seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, pleasantly, beautifully. Thank you darling. 


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