Three Gifts


I have three gifts in recent days received.

The first was, to all eyes but mine, a book:

But this to me means wonder, and strange luck,

And words from which this stranger world is weaved.


Second, was a way of holding hands.

This means a firmer friendship, and yet, softer;

A gift which means both quietness, and laughter;

And closer is the touch which understands.


The third, I guess, was given with his eyes:

And even now, I know not what it means.

But given these three gifts, such sentiments

Must mean more than receiving can surmise.


I guess some gifts are more, er, mystical than others. 


2 thoughts on “Three Gifts

    • Thank you ever so much. My recent output has been a little spontaneous, and I think a number of them could be greatly improved. I’ll get there. Lots of love! xxx

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