Remember me to the readying night


Remember me to the readying night

And her sweet dances. As you leave

To streets of friendly make-believe,

My love, so keen with appetite,


Please, pass my thoughts to the giddy stars

And the tender moon. While everything

Around you circles in full swing

Please raise a toast, to what was ours.


If you get the chance, send my regards

To every lamplight as they wink

Their last good nights, upon the brink

Of red-eyed dawn, down boulevards,


And home at last, when you do sleep

Upon the sofa, soundlessly,

Please, for my love: remember me

To all the dreams you do still keep.



Don’t worry if you’re reading this, darling: this is just a silly poem and you don’t need to be afraid of me… Not right now, anyhow. This is based on events looong ago. And it’s also fundamentally inspired by Everything But The Girl. 


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