Truly Nothing


If you tell me once again

That you are fine, when

All the distance between us

Stretches like the setting of an ancient sun


If you say you are just thinking

When the stare you give to

Nobody, and in no direction, could

Scream if it only had the lungs


If you awake once more in the night

And tell me it was truly nothing:

Then that honest nothing of yours

Has no place in this house.


This fine and thoughtful, honest nothing

When I see how it delights in you,

How it plays on you: I swear to you,

It is no friend of mine.


And if I only had the hands

To grasp this truthful nothing by its truth –

I would protect you from it. I would take it.

I would unmake its nothingness for you.


Dedicated to the person, for whom I am Dedicated.   


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